The great flavor of La Huasteca’s cuisine

Delicious and Authentic
food from La Huasteca

The best flavor of
our tradition in San Luis Potosí

Enjoy the delicious flavors and
culture of La Huasteca’s cuisine.

Rincón Huasteco Express

Enjoy our traditional and delicious food everywhere by calling us to order food for delivery or pick up, we vacuum packed our products so they can be transported without losing their flavor and freshness.
Now you can take home our dedication and passion.

The best traditional food restaurant in San Luis Potosí

recetas tradicionales de la Región Huasteca


Our goal is to preserve the delicious and traditional flavor of our culture by preparing our dishes with fresh and natural ingredients from La Huasteca Region, which are known for their wonderful flavors and aromas.

tradición huasteca


La Huasteca’s cuisine combines eating, culture and nature into one perfect package that we are proud to serve to our customers in every dish that we prepare.


Our team’s passion is to bring the magic and tradition of La Huasteca with the warm and friendly service that huastecos are known for.


Because of the growth of fresh and delicious ingredients in its fertile soils, the agriculture and nature were fundamental for creating the great flavor of La Huasteca’s cuisine.

Our Identity

Our principal motivation is to share our wonderful culinary art, because we are really proud of this amazing cuisine
that we get to prepare every day with love and passion.

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Traditional Huastecan dishes

Preserving the authentic and traditional flavor of la Huasteca’s Cuisine is what makes El Rincón Huasteco one of the few
truly authentic traditional restaurants in San Luis Potosí where you can enjoy a part of our of culture in a one-of-a-kind eating experience.


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