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Tradicional Comida Potosina
The great flavor of La Huasteca’s cuisine

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Desde la Huasteca hasta tu Mesa

We bring in the best ingredients
from La Huasteca Potosina.


Our customers can now enjoy our authentic and traditional flavor anywhere. This is possible because of the two types of services we offer, one is food delivery that it is available for the whole city and the other one is order pick up so our customers can order they meal and personal pick it up at one of our two locations.
All our products are vaccum packed so they can preserve its great taste and freshness, and be easily transported.
We are extremely happy that you are now able to enjoy our tradition and passion everywhere.

Order for Delivery

Call us to order at (444)8 14 70 77 or (444) 2 66 21 05

For food delivery your order must come to a total of at least $250 pesos, and our delivery coverage is for the whole city

Our two food pick up locations are Tomasa Esteves #412, Fracc. Arboledas, and Carretera 57 #4563, villa de pozos

comida tradicional en san luis
Meal Bundle #1

1 Kg of Cecina, 1/4 Kg of Enchiladas, Cheese

comida tipica de la huasteca
Meal Bundle #2

1 kg of Cecina, 2 Guaje Cheese, 1/2 kg of Chorizo

parillada en el rincon huasteco
Parillada for two people

Beef Fajitas, chicken, cecina, huastecan chorizo, nopalitos asados, panela cheese, onions, fought chilies and corn tortillas

paquete de zacahuil y 6 tamales
Meal Bundle #4

1 Zacahuil, 6 Tamales y 6 Bocoles

huastecada para 2 personas
Huastecada for two people

Cecina, Zacahuil, 2 tamales, 3 bocoles, 6 huastecan enchiladas, chorizo, refried beans and guaje cheese

  • Now you can enjoy our delicious food anywhere.

  • All the bundle meals include a 2.5 liter soda

  • Delivery Hours

    8:00am - 5:00pm

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Rincon huasteco food delivery